1. Portrait of a stranger - June 25, 2014

    Tired refuse of a forsaken vessel, his eyes torn out

    and cast into the deep, where so many others find their end

    so that in death they may grow again, grow this time

    not to light but to darkness, not for themselves but for

    those who would commemorate and envy them

  2. 19:05 24th Jul 2013

    Notes: 3

    I am chasing the girl of my dreams.

    I am chasing the image of a girl wearing a purple t-shirt and a skirt with blue and white checkers, whose face is showing an unabashed grin, and whose hair may be complemented by a headband of some sort, though this is speculation.

    I am chasing the essence of this image, the purest ditilled products, the perfect girlness, shirtness, purpleness, etc., all wrapped together as one unit, which is what I am consciously chasing.

    I am chasing something which does/can/will not exist.

  3. 18:49 23rd Jul 2013

    Notes: 2

    and you can’t find me here

    and you can’t get through to me because I’m behind a wall that’s thicker than your skull and it is made of plexiglass so that I can smile and wave at you

    and my eyes penetrate you like a thousand lovingly-crafted needles and you bleed and I watch you bleed and I want you to die I want you to choke on me as you vomit

  4. 17:39 15th Jul 2013

    Notes: 1

    futility: seeking a plane which has already flown to a place which no longer exists.

  5. "creativity-"
    close the windows,
    don’t leave until you’ve forced something out.

  6. 17:45 26th Jun 2013

    Notes: 4

    fortune cookies:

    Please put that down right now.

    To achieve lasting happiness, simply

    The buzzing will grow louder.

    We’re very proud of you.

    There are no exits, are there?

    You will soon pay us a visit.

    There is a great fog in your future.

  7. 16:21

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    philosophers really unnerve me because
    how can you be so confident 
    in your perception of the world
    and I can’t even play guitar

  8. 16:21

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    the one thing more satisfying
    than the smell of a new car
    is the stench of the new corpse
    lying in its new trunk
    after it has been crushed
    under its new wheels

  9. 16:21

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    crowdsourcing: I convince the audience that lasting happiness can only be achieved by ceasing to exist; they douse themselves in lighter fluid and set themselves ablaze

  10. 16:20

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    performance art: I douse myself in lighter fluid and set myself ablaze